AR Standards Hackathon Day 2: Demo time

After two days of hard work at RWTH i5, five teams participating in the AR race have finally presented their demos. The newly developed apps included creative solutions enabling:

  • Collaborative creation of digital AR-activated artworks and notes on physical walls (#hackWalls)
  • Social interaction at various events using face recognition and AR status tags (#faceglARss)
  • Two-way interaction in exergames (#cyclops)
  • Gesture tracking experience in exergames (#boxingAR)
  • Interactive browsing of 3D models using leap motion (#explorAR)
#cyclops demo
#explorAR demo
#faceglARss demo

Whilst developing their original solutions, the teams have tested and used the new hardware provided by the supporters of the event: Optinvent, Atheer, Epson, and Vuzix.

The jury selected the winning team based on the criteria of originality, use of originally developed modules and open source solutions, as well as the possibilities to further develop and expand the app in various contexts. The “hackwall” team fully met these criteria and was awarded the first prize. The “faceglARss” team has got the Alcatel prize for the most active social media coverage of the hackathon.

Comments and reactions to the event can be seen on Twitter under the hashtags #hackAR and #WEKIT.

The two-day AR Standards hackathon provided excellent opportunities for learning, collaboration and exchange of ideas. New AR-focused events are planned by the WEKIT community in the near future and will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

Hackathon organization team

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