AR Standards Hackathon: Highlights of Day 1


Following the introductory social event on Friday, 15 April, the AR Standards Hackathon has moved full steam ahead this morning with brainstorming of various AR use cases. The atmosphere at the RWTH i5 Computer Science Center hosting the event is full of creative vibes thanks to the great efforts of the organisers and the ideas shared by the participants. The proposals selected by the teams for implementation cover a broad range of applications in both entertainment (gaming, arts, sports) and non-leisure contexts (learning and social communication).


Three keynote talks have been delivered to inspire the teams and to equip them with operational knowledge of methodologies and technical tools. Bitstars & Holobuilder have presented their online AR and VR tool that can be applied for smart manufacturing and various commercial purposes. The relevant AR standards developed based on the IEEE AR learning experience models were presented by Fridolin Wild, WEKIT Science Director, followed by the presentation of the basic AR tools of the Unity platform by Giuseppe Scavo of the Open University and Mikel Salazar from Augmented Interaction.

The teams have now only about 24 hours left to implement their ideas and to present them to the jury. Stay tuned to learn more about the new exciting AR applications coming through tonight!

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