Impressions from the WEKIT Booth at AWE Europe 2018

The third and final community event as specified in the DoA took place at one of the mixed reality industry’s largest trade fairs, the Augmented World Expo 2018 EU (AWE EU). Themed “Design Competition”, the event aimed at “innovating new use cases beyond the original ideas of the project, addressing on the first place those stakeholders who want to use the outcomes of the project in applied sense” (DoA).

Overall, from the officially reported over 2000 visitors, we counted around 300 people who have spent at least time watching the video running on the TV set, and/or have read the posters. Around 60 stand visitors asked us for a detailed demo of with one of the HoloLenses available.

WEKIT was well represented in this industry gathering, and performed well. The majority of exhibiting companies was dealing with training in mixed reality, however WEKIT was without competition in the area of experience capturing, and more specifically the recording of experts within the augmented reality environment. With the co-location of the IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR), also leading researchers and institutes could be made aware of the WEKIT project.

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