Shaping Future Workplaces: Symposium in Berlin

The WEKIT Community was represented at a major symposium on the topic of “Future Workplaces” on January 29th, 2018. The event took place in the political Berlin as one of the first events of the “Science Year 2018 – Working Life of the Future”, proclaimed by the German government. Organized by the German Informatics Society (“Gesellschaft für Informatik, GI”), it was attended by a wide range of around 100 political, academical and industrial visitors, as well as policy makers and international science coordinators. The president of the GI, Prof. Dr. Hannes Federrath introduced the main topic of the symposium “Human-Computer Interaction: Shaping the working environments of the future!”. The program consisted of multiple talks such as “Research Policy Perspectives” by Dr. Otto Fritz Bode, head of the “Research for Production, Services and Work” in the German Federal Ministry of Education and Resarch (BMBF), and “Competencies for the Future” by Prof. Dr. Svenja Falk from Accenture Research. The scientific end of the spectrum was targetted by the talks “Work Design as a Challenge for Industry 4.0” by Prof. Dr. Volker Wulf from Siegen University/Fraunhofer FIT, and “Work Design from an HCI Perspective” by Prof. Dr. Michael Koch from Bundeswehr University Munich.

The WEKIT project was featured by a full-day booth with a poster and a demo station with the Microsoft HoloLens. Three researchers from RWTH Aachen University presented GaMR, the mixed reality gamification framework for workplace training developed at RWTH. In numerous personal conversations the WEKIT project and community was introduced. WEKIT’s approach was acknowledged by all contacts, and several invitations to the WEKIT Community were issued in the form of flyers.

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