Two of the Three Most Popular Projects in the Requirements Bazaar Are Coming From Afghanistan

The Requirements Bazaar is the open innovation platform used in the WEKIT community to gather use cases for the WEKIT prototypes. Its main goal is to bring together users with requirements and developers with capabilities to implement those needs.

While the Requirements Bazaar has been successfully deployed and further developed in several European funded research projects, it has recently attracted user communities beyond the European scope. We have now noticed the utilization of the Requirements Bazaar by user communities in Palestine, India and Afghanistan.

With a little bit of deeper investigation we were able to find out why Requirements Bazaar has been used there. The starting points were European Summer Schools for Master and Doctoral training of computer science and information technology students, namely the JTEL Summer School in Tallinn, Estonia and the Summer School in Koblenz Germany in the summer of 2016. We have visited those summer schools as representatives of EU projects like the H2020 project WEKIT and the TEMPUS project SAGE.

We introduced the Requirements Bazaar in workshops as interactive element, so that the users were creating accounts and requirements in the bazaar. In the case of the JTEL summer school, an Afghan PhD student from Tallinn University who was also teaching at the University of Kabul took the ideas back to his home country. In the following months we could observe more and more projects created on our central platform. The projects cover diverse facets such as e-learning projects in various institutions, general information systems in different domains and innovative use of information technology. At the moment, one of the projects from our Afghan colleagues is the second most popular project on our open innovation platform.

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