WEKIT at the JTEL Summer School 2016 in Roosta, Estonia

With four lecturers (Roland Klemke, Milos Kravcik, Mikhail Forminykh, Ralf Klamma) and two PhD students (Bibeg Limbu, Peter de Lange) the WEKIT project contributed in various activities to this year’s JTEL Summer School in Estonia.

The 12th Joint European Summer School on Technology Enhanced Learning (http://jtelsummerschool.eu/) is a yearly event organised by the European Association of Technology Enhanced Learning (EATEL) to support young researchers (especially PhD students) in this field. It takes place at changing locations within Europe. It lasts one week and offers its participants lectures on research methodologies, PhD related interactive workshops as well as insights in latest research outcomes and activities in the TEL field. The PhD candidates had opportunities to develop their personal research and discuss their doctoral work. About 70 participants registered for this year’s summer school with backgrounds in various TEL related fields such as educational science, psychology, and computer science. For this summer school the overarching theme was learning analytics.

WEKIT contributed three core activities to this year’s programme:

  • A lecture on “Wearable Experiences for Knowledge Intensive Training“, held by Mikhail Fominykh, which introduced the WEKIT project, its aims as well as methodological and technical approaches used.
  • A workshop on “Wearable Experiences for Knowledge Intensive Training: Methodology“, organised by Roland Klemke, Milos Kravcik, Mikhail Fominykh, Ralf Klamma and Bibeg Limbu, which presented the WEKIT framework and methodology to participants and involved them into educational design activities by applying the WEKIT framework to given use case scenarios.
  • A workshop on “Social Requirements Engineering for Wearables in Industrial Training“, held by Ralf Klamma and Milos Kravcik, complementing the first workshop with a rather technological perspective.

Participants were actively involved in the WEKIT activities contributing ideas, insights, questions, critical remarks, and fruitful discussion items to the expanding WEKIT Community. Activities at the JTEL summer school and their outputs have been documented and will subsequently be assessed and integrated in WEKIT’s internal update processes.

The activities performed at the JTEL summer school reflect WEKIT’s community-oriented approach involving external experts and informing various stakeholders as early as possible to strengthen WEKIT’s position within the TEL community and to utilize expertise of community members for WEKIT.

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