WebGPU and WSL in Web Inspector

In Safari Technology Preview release 91, beta support was added for the WebGPU API and WSL. In Safari Technology Preview release 94, support for showing WebGPU devices, as well as all associated render/compute pipelines and <canvas> elements, was added to Web Inspector inside the Canvas Tab.

Just like WebGL shader programs, all render/compute pipelines are editable, and any changes will have an immediate effect. Compute pipelines, as they only have one shader module, are shown in a single text editor. Render pipelines, since they have both vertex and fragment shader modules, are shown in side-by-side text editors, one for each shader module. In the case that both the vertex and fragment shader modules are shared, however, they are shown as a single text editor, just like it is for a compute pipeline.

Try editing any of the WebGPU pipelines in our gallery of WebGPU samples using Web Inspector. We’ll be keeping that page updated with the latest demos. Many thanks to Austin Eng for making the demo used in the video above.

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Note: Learn more about Web Inspector from the Web Inspector Reference documentation.