Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 193

Safari Technology Preview Release 193 is now available for download for macOS Sonoma and macOS Ventura. If you already have Safari Technology Preview installed, you can update it in System Settings under General → Software Update.

This release includes WebKit changes between: 276610@main…277149@main.


Resolved Issues

  • Fixed hidden elements targeted by aria-labelledby to expose their entire subtree text, not just their direct child text. (276864@main) (125634439)
  • Fixed accessible name computation for elements with visibility: visible inside a container with visibility: hidden. (277004@main) (125738704)


Resolved Issues

  • Fixed the Grid track sizing algorithm logical height computation avoid unnecessary grid item updates. (276633@main) (124713418)
  • Fixed the style adjuster for @starting-style incorrectly invoking with a null element. (276993@main) (125837628)


Resolved Issues

  • Fixed the value attribute not getting displayed in an input element with type="email" and the multiple attribute. (276895@main) (125221858)


Resolved Issues

  • Fixed inconsistent output of Function.prototype.toString for accessor properties. (276904@main) (125739577)


Resolved Issues

  • Fixed intrinsic inline size calculators to account for whitespace before an empty child with nonzero margins. (276875@main) (122586712)
  • Fixed overlapping elements with flex box when height: 100% is applied on nested content. (276880@main) (125572851)
  • Fixed block containers that are scroll containers to default to unsafe alignment. (276929@main) (125742095)


New Features

  • Added support for PopStateEvent’s hasUAVisualTransition. (277001@main) (125849073)

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed cloning of ShadowRoot nodes following a DOM Standard clarification. (277066@main) (125917138)

Web Inspector

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed Console and code editor completion not auto-scrolling the suggestion into view. (277034@main) (124979790)
  • Fixed search in the DOM tree view unexpectedly chaning the text display. (277073@main) (125797803)