Policy and Guidelines

Contributors to WebKit should be aware of WebKit project policies.

Bug Report Guidelines

Review the bug report guidelines to ensure you are providing clear, useful issue reports to the team.

Bug Prioritization

Bug priorities are assigned according to the bug prioritization guidelines.

Security Policy

When reporting issues sensitive in nature because of their impact on security, review the Security Policy.

Tracking Prevention Policy

Review the Tracking Prevention Policy for the types of tracking WebKit will prevent, when other tracking countermeasures come into play, and how WebKit handles unintended impact of our tracking prevention.

Feature Policy

When adding new web-facing features to WebKit, review the Feature Policy.

Code Style Guidelines

The code style guidelines provide the coding conventions and standards used throughout the project in order to maintain a consistent structural style. The purpose of maintaining these set of standards is to create consistent, clean codebase that is easier to read, and easier to maintain.

Commit and Review Policy

Our Commit and Review policy provides details on obtaining commit and review privileges.