Script Tools

The WebKit project maintains several scripts to assist with things like building and testing code, checking style, and preparing patches.

The Tools/Scripts folder of the WebKit source tree contains these scripts. In fact, unless otherwise mentioned, all of the scripts mentioned on this site are located in this folder.

Running a Script

To run the build-webkit script, for example, type the following from the command line:


Similarly, to run the build-webkit script with the --help option, type the following:

WebKit/Tools/Scripts/build-webkit --help

Adding to Your Path

It is convenient to add WebKit/Tools/Scripts to your shell path so you can run WebKit scripts without typing the full path.

For example, this will allow you to type the following for the two examples above:

build-webkit --help

The instructions throughout this site assume you have added WebKit/Tools/Scripts to your shell path. If you do not add this directory to your shell path, simply always include the full path as in the first examples above.